ENGAGEcx™ Spring ’14 Release Delivers True Omni-Channel Customer Engagement to Organizations of All Sizes

by ENGAGEcx on April 10, 2014

B2C CRM Supports Seamless Customer Journeys to Transform Customer Experience

ATLANTA, GA — (April 10, 2014) – CX Technologies™, provider of ENGAGEcx, the industry-leading omni-channel customer engagement platform, today announced ENGAGEcx Spring ’14 Release.  This latest release of ENGAGEcx introduces robust performance analytics to the only customer experience platform that is built from the ground up to deliver fully integrated, uniquely personalized customer experiences and guest journeys.

The ENGAGEcx customer experience technology continually listens across all customer touch points throughout an entire organization, both in-store and online.  It instantly reacts to live interactions from customers and gathers contextual information on location, interest, media, profile and persona to dynamically deliver the customer to the right associate at the right location in real-time, allowing companies to provide a great customer experience.  Once connected, ENGAGEcx empowers the associate with profile and contextual information related to the specific interaction, augmented with additional content.  ENGAGEcx responds, scores and relays content in real-time, ensuring a unique and personalized customer engagement that bridges physical and digital encounters and eliminates frustration caused by siloed legacy systems and processes.

By fully attributing every step of a transaction on each event, ENGAGEcx provides end-to-end visibility on the effectiveness of an organization’s customer experience and engagement strategy through a customer experience dashboard.  This unprecedented level of detail offers a unique and structured view throughout a customer’s journey – encompassing both interactions and actions – across all channels.  As a result, ENGAGEcx is able to analyze all event data and present insights that occur at the point of intersection between customers, channels, events and associates.

David Trice, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Products & Customers, indicates that “with the availability of our performance analytics and ability to sign up and easily provision a true omni-channel customer engagement platform directly from our website, this ENGAGEcx release is an important event for the industry.  For example, in as little as an afternoon, we can set up ENGAGEcx for a marketing project looking to connect a conversation from a marketing landing page directly to a mobile sales associate in real time.  Just as easily, we can set up a large enterprise that wants to transform the way it engages with its customers across all channels.”

“ENGAGEcx transforms the way we can interact with our customers and prospects and is the first purpose built B2C CRM on the market. Our associates are empowered with the right information and context to provide a productive and personalized engagement every time, ” said Steve Teel, President & CEO, ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc.  “With the ENGAGEcx solution we have the ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience on every engagement with every customer. ”

The ENGAGEcx Spring ’14 Release is available now at www.engage.cx in a number of editions designed for companies and projects of all sizes.

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ENGAGEcxENGAGEcx™ Spring ’14 Release Delivers True Omni-Channel Customer Engagement to Organizations of All Sizes