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Introducing Max by ENGAGEcx

by David Trice on April 16, 2018

ENGAGEcx Introduces Max an Intelligent Virtual Host for Brick-and-Mortar Brands that answers, Who’s in your store?

ENGAGEcx announces a major update of their In-Venue Customer Engagement platform, featuring intelligent chatbot capabilities. Max is an intelligent virtual host who knows and understands your customers and empowers teams to deliver a superior customer experience. Max recognizes your customers and alerts you of their presence in your venue. Max provides a unique Engagement Scorecard that keeps you up to date on customer activity and engagement. Max can automatically create Spark rooms for specific customers to ensure an exceptional level of service. Max keeps track of all the important details so you can take care of your customers with an entirely new level of service.

Max is Designed to Unify Customer Knowledge in Real-time

“Cross-functional teams in physical spaces have long had the impossible task of trying to immediately recognize their customers and understand their intent while orchestrating the right level of service,” says David Trice, CEO of ENGAGEcx. “Max provides a collaborative interface that interacts with our real-time engagement platform to inform and empower employees to deliver superior service as never before.” Max is designed to leverage the ENGAGEcx in-venue Location and Engagement services to unify customer knowledge in real-time.

A few of Max’s capabilities include:

  • Recognizing your customers and notifies you when they arrive on site.
  • Delivering triggered notifications based on customer segments
  • Locating customers in your venue in real-time to aid in customer engagement
  • Searching across zones in your venue for a precise customer location
  • Automatically creating collaboration rooms to deliver focused customer service
  • Delivering an Engagement Scorecard upon your request for quick reference

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Max is available via Cisco Spark

Max is now available for use via the Cisco Spark enterprise collaboration platform that has been recognized as Market Leading in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications.

With Max, ENGAGEcx provides a unique integration across leading products in the Cisco portfolio. ENGAGEcx is recognized for its market-leading ability to illuminate customer behavior via its in-venue Location Services that sit atop Cisco and Cisco Meraki. Max connects this real time customer journey to a team oriented, collaboration platform in Cisco Spark in order to empower employees with visibility into their customers behavior.

ENGAGEcx Industry Leadership

Recent industry analyst reports have recognized ENGAGEcx In-Venue Customer Engagement leadership. Following are some of these reports:


About ENGAGEcx

ENGAGEcx is a cloud-based, customer-aware IoT platform that sits at the edge of an organization and observes and engages the customer as they move across the growing array of digital platforms, devices and sensors. ENGAGEcx integrates emerging technologies – such as WiFi, beacons, LiFi, etc. – with existing internal systems to create the backbone for bridging the digital and physical identity and activity of customers. Initially deployed in B2C environment (retail, hospitality, sports & entertainment) ENGAGEcx collects, enhances and transforms data for real-time customer profiles, customer journey attribution, occasion management, improving customer experiences and empowering associates to deliver superior service. For more information visit

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David TriceIntroducing Max by ENGAGEcx