Engage Every Guest like a VIP

by ENGAGEcx on October 13, 2016

Did you ever wonder what it felt like to always be treated like a VIP?hostess-w-flowers

Imagine you’re a VIP in a scenario you have encountered on your last vacation or business trip. It starts with you jumping online to check out the availability with your favorite hotel company at your targeted destination. While you are checking out the property, the company website recognizes you and your preferred customer status, remembers you like a corner non-smoking room, and extends you an offer of an additional 10% off because of your long-standing loyalty. Before booking the room, you want to check a few details about the property, so you make a call to the company’s customer service department. The associate on the phone greets you by name, and she knows about your room preferences and the 10% offer you’ve already been extended. She answers your questions about the property, puts the booking through for you with the discount applied. Fast forward to the day of your arrival: When you walk into the property to check-in, the property’s digital ecosystem sees you and alerts the front desk to your arrival. The staff greets you by name, assures you your corner room is ready, and offers to make you VIP reservations at the hotel restaurant, complete with two complimentary drink vouchers. When you arrive to your room, there is a handwritten card from management, welcoming you.  Finally, after unwinding in the lounge you receive an offer for dinner that evening at the Hotels best restaurant.

Sound too good to be true? Not in the least. This version of great customer experience within the guest journey can be achieved today – and with the right customer engagement solution, it can be achieved without spending a ton of money. The solution is to create an empowered ecosystem, tailored for the hospitality industry, that governs the entire customer experience — from booking, to arrival, to time spent at your destination (both on the property and off), to departure. This completely immersive guest experience can be realized through the implementation of a consumer focused, purpose built Connected Customer Engagement solution, one that powers the entire ecosystem from booking websites, to travel communities and the hotels, restaurants and activities that fall in-between all working together to create an immersive experience for you the customer.

Engagement Score Defines VIPs

Every guest’s journey is made up of each touch point a guest has with a brand or property.  A Connected Customer Engagement platform uniquely identifies each customer at every touch point and attributes each interaction – both digital and human – in real time and scores them by to the frequency and importance. The ENGAGEcx Engagement Score extends current loyalty solutions by providing insights into how your best customers engage.  So, the higher the score, the more engaged the customer. By recognizing and scoring behavior at each touchpoint, a company can begin to put together a more detailed profile of each guest.

Engagement Score as a Performance Index

The Engagement Score also provides the baseline to measure the impact of guest experience on performance across key digital and physical dimensions and it unites the company or property around one common objective: maximizing guest experience. The Engagement Score provides the ability to understand and recognize how guest experience investments are truly impacting financial performance. The beauty of a guest value index is that it focuses hospitality companies on enhancing guest experience, rather than the sales cycle.

A Connected Customer Engagement solution like ENGAGE.cx can make the implementation of the holistic Engagement Score an affordable reality. ENGAGE.cx cleanly sits atop your existing infrastructure doesn’t disrupt any existing business systems or processes, in order to provide companies with one cohesive view of their guest behavior. ENGAGE.cx finally delivers on the full promise that CX has been striving for in the hospitality industry. To see how ENGAGE.cx can help facilitate creating stronger relationships with your guests, contact Engage.cx today.


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ENGAGEcxEngage Every Guest like a VIP

Join Us at eTail East 2015!

by David Trice on August 4, 2015

Aetail_logore you planning to attend eTail East 2015? Held twice a year, it is the premiere event for eCommerce & multichannel retail innovators. This year, the Boston show boasts keynotes from retail industry heavyweights such as Jason Goldberger, President, Target.com & Mobile; Stormy Simon, President, Overstock.com; and Marshall Porter, SVP & GM, International, Gilt Groupe, to name a few.

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David TriceJoin Us at eTail East 2015!

How Wearables Can Improve the Customer Experience

by David Trice on July 28, 2015

customer experience technologyWearable devices have a unique spectrum of capabilities that can be leveraged by retailers as the technology trend grows in the coming years. Devices such as FitBit, Samsung Gear and, of course, the Apple Watch, prove that while wearables may be niche now, the customer experience technology can offer big opportunities for retailers to consider both from a customer experience and operations perspective. Let’s take a look at how wearable products can be used in a retail environment to augment the customer experience as technology evolves:

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David TriceHow Wearables Can Improve the Customer Experience

Do You Need B2C CRM to Deliver Superior CX?

by David Trice on May 26, 2015

B2C CRMWhen I left Oracle, I was haunted by numerous conversations with clients around how their brick and mortar stores fit into their digital strategies.  This theme is ultimately what drove our team to create ENGAGE.cx and the Relationship Cloud™.

We have been meeting daily with clients for quite some time now, and I am hearing a similar kind of question once we’ve shown them how ENGAGE.cx is able to drive superior relationships by focusing on customer “in-journey” experiences.  As a point of reference, ENGAGE.cx is focused on what our friend and CRM pundit Paul Greenberg calls “the emotional verticals.”  These verticals are consumer-facing and include industries like retail, hospitality, travel, financial services, wellness, and healthcare.

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David TriceDo You Need B2C CRM to Deliver Superior CX?

Do You Want an Audience or a Customer Relationships?

by David Trice on May 19, 2015

customer relationshipThe word “audience” has become the new, trendy term for customers. It’s thrown around all the time now – used to describe social media followers, people who come to a business’ website, and even the customer email list a company has worked so hard to build. Using this word implies that a company has the means to curate a group of people that want to hear what your company has to say. In fact, Merriam-Webster’s defines “audience” as just that: A group of people who gather together to listen to something.

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David TriceDo You Want an Audience or a Customer Relationships?

How the CMO and COO can work together to improve customer satisfaction

by David Trice on March 9, 2015

improve customer satisfactionCMOs today face an incredibly difficult task. The person in this position is the key stakeholder in refocusing a company from thinking “inside-out” to thinking “outside-in,” by putting the customer at the center of every process and all decision-making. Or, as CRM Search notes, “Simply speaking to customers, and not with customers, will negatively impact new customer acquisitions and existing customer affinity. But on the flip side, customers want to align with their favorite brands and will evangelize and reward those suppliers that engage them and deliver products or services that meet their needs.” Achieving this mandate for the CMO is non-negotiable in today’s competitive environment.

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David TriceHow the CMO and COO can work together to improve customer satisfaction

CX Challenge: The Connection between CX and Performance

by David Trice on March 2, 2015

customer value indexExecutives are realizing that in order to truly understand the relationship between customer relationship and financial performance, they need to think differently.  Current metrics like NPS, CES, CSAT, which are largely driven by surveys or outgrowths of traditional CRM, are interesting and the processes are valid, but they just don’t answer the questions that need answering regarding customer relationships in this new world in which we’re living.

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David TriceCX Challenge: The Connection between CX and Performance

Understanding the Customer, Every Step of the Way

by David Trice on February 24, 2015

lady-544774_1280CRM started in the 1980s in an environment that seems almost prehistoric today. There was no social media. There was no ecommerce. The Internet was still just a glimmer in the eyes of most of us. In those early days, CRM was about visibility into the sales pipeline, meaning it gave executives insight into how their sales representatives were performing.

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David TriceUnderstanding the Customer, Every Step of the Way

Getting to WOW-level Guest Service: Tracking the Complete Customer Journey

by Eric Bleke on February 16, 2015

guest filling up a formular at hotel counterAnyone in hospitality knows that to ensure loyal, devoted customers, a hotel must offer exceptional service. While there are many different ways for a guest to reach a hotel in today’s world, whether it be in-person, via the web, or over the phone, there are also many opportunities for the property to delight the guest. Consider this from JD Power’s 2014 report on hospitality satisfaction: “Hotels that are tapping into consumers’ wants — with devices and experiences that cooperate for immediate satisfaction — have already figured it out. Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability are directly impacted by use of collaborative technologies and networks that put the customer first.” The key words in this quote are COOPERATE and COLLABORATIVE. Meaning, all of the hotel’s various platforms must work in harmony to provide the best possible experience for the guest.

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Eric BlekeGetting to WOW-level Guest Service: Tracking the Complete Customer Journey