Recognizing the Invisible Customer

by ENGAGEcx on July 18, 2018

Modern enterprise marketing platforms from Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and others are great at engaging with web and app customers. But what about all the customers that are in your physical locations?  Your retail store, restaurant, hotel, bank, etc…

Marketing platforms have a giant blind spot – they totally miss the in-venue customers.  And because of that, brands struggle to drive full ROI from both their marketing efforts and physical venues.

CMOs want to know:

  • Who is in my store?
  • Why did they come in?
  • Are they a return customer or a new customer?
  • Are they in my loyalty program?
  • How can we engage with them on a personal basis?
  • What will bring them back again and again?

CMO’s now have a cure for the blind spot.  A solution that extends their marketing platform beyond the web site and the app – to include all of their physical venues.  A solution that delivers customer visibility, analytics and engagement and empowers the brand to upgrade the in-venue experience to deliver customer engagement that produces new revenue and long-term loyalty.

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ENGAGEcxRecognizing the Invisible Customer

Introducing Max by ENGAGEcx

by David Trice on April 16, 2018

ENGAGEcx Introduces Max an Intelligent Virtual Host for Brick-and-Mortar Brands that answers, Who’s in your store?

ENGAGEcx announces a major update of their In-Venue Customer Engagement platform, featuring intelligent chatbot capabilities. Max is an intelligent virtual host who knows and understands your customers and empowers teams to deliver a superior customer experience. Max recognizes your customers and alerts you of their presence in your venue. Max provides a unique Engagement Scorecard that keeps you up to date on customer activity and engagement. Max can automatically create Spark rooms for specific customers to ensure an exceptional level of service. Max keeps track of all the important details so you can take care of your customers with an entirely new level of service.

Max is Designed to Unify Customer Knowledge in Real-time

“Cross-functional teams in physical spaces have long had the impossible task of trying to immediately recognize their customers and understand their intent while orchestrating the right level of service,” says David Trice, CEO of ENGAGEcx. “Max provides a collaborative interface that interacts with our real-time engagement platform to inform and empower employees to deliver superior service as never before.” Max is designed to leverage the ENGAGEcx in-venue Location and Engagement services to unify customer knowledge in real-time.

A few of Max’s capabilities include:

  • Recognizing your customers and notifies you when they arrive on site.
  • Delivering triggered notifications based on customer segments
  • Locating customers in your venue in real-time to aid in customer engagement
  • Searching across zones in your venue for a precise customer location
  • Automatically creating collaboration rooms to deliver focused customer service
  • Delivering an Engagement Scorecard upon your request for quick reference

Learn more Here.

Max is available via Cisco Spark

Max is now available for use via the Cisco Spark enterprise collaboration platform that has been recognized as Market Leading in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications.

With Max, ENGAGEcx provides a unique integration across leading products in the Cisco portfolio. ENGAGEcx is recognized for its market-leading ability to illuminate customer behavior via its in-venue Location Services that sit atop Cisco and Cisco Meraki. Max connects this real time customer journey to a team oriented, collaboration platform in Cisco Spark in order to empower employees with visibility into their customers behavior.

ENGAGEcx Industry Leadership

Recent industry analyst reports have recognized ENGAGEcx In-Venue Customer Engagement leadership. Following are some of these reports:


About ENGAGEcx

ENGAGEcx is a cloud-based, customer-aware IoT platform that sits at the edge of an organization and observes and engages the customer as they move across the growing array of digital platforms, devices and sensors. ENGAGEcx integrates emerging technologies – such as WiFi, beacons, LiFi, etc. – with existing internal systems to create the backbone for bridging the digital and physical identity and activity of customers. Initially deployed in B2C environment (retail, hospitality, sports & entertainment) ENGAGEcx collects, enhances and transforms data for real-time customer profiles, customer journey attribution, occasion management, improving customer experiences and empowering associates to deliver superior service. For more information visit

For more information contact

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David TriceIntroducing Max by ENGAGEcx

5 Metrics that Prove On-Site Unique Visits are Required to Drive Conversion

by ENGAGEcx on February 2, 2018

Understanding ‘Who’s in My Store’

Unique Visits in a physical space is a nascent concept for most marketing organizations.  Leaders are recognizing that insights found in this detailed data are what drive conversion and ultimately revenue.  Fortunately, the concept of Unique Visits is not new, rather the means to observe it in a physical space has finally come of age.

Web Analytics providers have paved the way with Unique Visits

Web Analytics providers (like Adobe, Google, etc.) define Unique Visits on a web site as follows:

“Consecutive page views that occur within 30 minutes of each other.  These consecutive hits must use the same unique visitor identifier, set in the visitor’s browser.

For example: visiting a web site 3 times each separated by 45 minutes equals three Unique Visits to the website.  It’s essential to track this level of activity as it illustrates true customer behavior, interest, loyalty, etc.

Specifically, Unique Visits help create metrics that provide insights on:

  • # unique web visits per day
  • visit duration
  • # unique pages views
  • # return visits
  • etc.

Unique Visits and Visitors is a well-known concept in the Web world as businesses have invested money and time to perfect this understanding to drive conversion and ultimately revenue.

Understanding Unique Visits in a Physical Venue is now Possible

Getting the same level of fidelity in your Physical Venue is now possible. Until now, there were many complicating factors, not the least of which is how do you recognize the individual activity or how do you measure it in real-time.   On-site Location Services, when processed correctly, provide the ability to deliver in-venue analytics that heretofore were not available:

On-site Unique Visits are defined as time periods where continuous presence occurs in a given location or zone.  Presence in these periods must use the same unique visitor identifier, set in the visitor’s device. 

Much like a web-site, venues often have multiple sites and zones.  Similarly, Unique Visits in a venue can occur at the Site or Zone level at any time during a day.

Here’s an example: visiting a Store/Venue for more than an hour may occur with several visits to Zones within the Site.  Each movement constitutes a Unique Visit with its distinct arrival time and visit duration. Once again, it’s essential to track this level of detail as it reflects true customer behavior, interest, loyalty, etc.

Specifically, Unique Visits in a physical space create metrics that provide insights on:

  • # unique visits per day (perhaps by store)
  • # unique zones visited per day
  • visit duration by Site and Zone
  • conversion from one Zone to the next (eg – Fuel Pump to the Beverage Bar)
  • # return visits and frequency
  • Occasion Attendance

Observing Unique Visits in your physical venue is required to understand true customer behavior.  Once achieved, this knowledge unlocks your ability to connect marketing campaigns to visits and Occasion attendance, which are the drivers to increased revenue and campaign ROI.

To learn more click here.  We will also provide you with a complimentary copy of the Gartner Marketguide for Customer Journey Analytics.



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ENGAGEcx5 Metrics that Prove On-Site Unique Visits are Required to Drive Conversion

Retail Podcast: Hear David Trice on The Incubator!

by ENGAGEcx on February 4, 2016

David Trice and IntrepidNow discuss connecting Digital and Physical

We would like to thank Todd Schnick and Ashley Staggs of IntrepidNOW and the Incubator for having us on their show.  Here is an excerpt from their post… is the only technology putting the customer clearly at the center of the business process for consumer-facing brands by connecting both online and offline interactions.

Our world is filled with data. From traditional Nielsen ratings to tracking our behaviors across the web, we are far less than anonymous in today’s digital world. Why then does shopping in a store make us feel like Julia Roberts in the infamous Pretty Woman scene?, is the Atlanta-based software startup that is changing the very relevant (it still accounts for more than 90% of total retail sales) brick-and-mortar retail experience by providing location based data in the moment that is tied to your online behaviors.

Here is a discussion guide for the podcast:

1. “How do you bridge digital and physical?”

2. “A customer-aware, central nervous system…”

3. With, the retail operation can see, when you walk into a retail store, that you just recently went online to the website, or made a phone call to learn more…

4. While more and more people are buying online, still a large majority of people buy from a physical retail outlet…

5. How is empowering both the physical retail teams and the Digital Marketing teams?

6. How do you appropriately attribute credit for the sale? No matter how it started…

7. How can you use digital to create a better in-store experience, and increase in-store purchasing?

8. Why it matters to encourage use of in-store WIFI?

9. How can retailers get better at “omnichannel” — its the buzz word, does it really matter?

10. It’s more than being mobile-optimized. You do have to be meaningful EVERYWHERE, at any time…

11. Identification is the first step… “The INDEX in the sky…”

12. How all of this actually works…

13. How can we leverage a B2C CRM?

14. Really determining “Lifetime customer value?”

15. How do you actually manage all of this customer data for your client?

16. “In-store micro-personalization…” Impacts of beacon-technology… “Micro-geo-fencing…” is a leading omni-channel, cloud-based attribution and experience platform that helps businesses engage with customers as they move across the growing array of digital platforms and devices. By delivering attribution and and conversion visibility, enabling truly personalized customer experiences, and empowering employees to serve each customer as an individual, is a true partner in driving higher revenue and customer loyalty. Sign up for a free demonstration to see how can revolutionize your business!


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ENGAGEcxRetail Podcast: Hear David Trice on The Incubator!

Problem Solved: A CMO’s Dream

by David Trice on January 26, 2016

ecx retail tech

What Event Did 50 Leading Retailers Attend While At NRF?

It’s enough to make a CMO want to bang his or her head against a wall – a CRM platform that does nothing to help the business know its customers and build great relationships with them. For all the hype surrounding many “cutting edge” CRMs, they don’t solve the problem widely experienced today of connecting a business’ brick-and-mortar experience with its digital experience.

But, good news was unveiled to 50 of America’s top retailers earlier this month in New York, during the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. This select group of retailers, including executives from Bloomingdale’s, Hermes, Nordstrom, and Coach, witnessed the first-ever technology that solves the CRM customer attribution problem. At an exclusive event at the Alton Lane showroom in Manhattan,’s partnership with Cisco Meraki was unveiled. The partnership has resulted in revolutionary technology that gives businesses the power to truly bridge customer experiences across mobile, ecommerce, and in physical stores. The key is’s power to recognize and identify each and every customer, no matter how he or she engages with a business.

This turn-key solution uses in-store WiFi to create a hyper-personal experience for the customer. As a customer shops, fully attributes the visit with location and context captured from geo-fenced areas in the store — and marries that information with information gathered from his or her prior digital journeys with the brand. Even customers with abandoned digital shopping carts are greeted with a personalized experience that lets them re-engage when they walk into a store!

“I am finding’s product to be very different from what’s out there, and I am really liking it,” said Christine Russo, Global Vice President of Store Development at Alice and Olivia, who attended the event at Alton Lane.

“Attribution is definitely one of the top five problems facing retailers today,” said Steve Dumas, Retail Segment Solutions Director at IBM.

The ability to recognize customers across all channels is becoming increasingly more crucial, for as Deloitte reports, consumers who use their digital devices while they shop in-store convert at a rate 20% higher than those who do not. Digital interactions influenced 64% of brick-and-mortar sales in 2015, totaling more than $2.2 trillion. is a leading omni-channel, cloud-based attribution and experience platform that helps businesses engage with customers as they move across the growing array of digital platforms and devices. By delivering attribution and and conversion visibility, enabling truly personalized customer experiences, and empowering employees to serve each customer as an individual, is a true partner in driving higher revenue and customer loyalty. Sign up for a free demonstration to see how can revolutionize your business!


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David TriceProblem Solved: A CMO’s Dream

It’s Not the Amount of Customer Data that’s the Problem. It’s How You Use It.

by ENGAGEcx on November 12, 2015

customer dataMatt Goddard, CEO of digital marketing and technology company R2integrated, recently published a piece in MarketingProfs asserting that data is the problem most likely to keep “CMOs up at night.” Goddard cites a study by IBM that finds CMOs feel most unprepared for dealing with the “data explosion” among all the changes going on currently in the marketing arena.  He defines the problem as one of scale: “The more people marketers try to reach—the more consumer segments they carve from data—the harder it becomes to deliver relevant content to each person.”

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ENGAGEcxIt’s Not the Amount of Customer Data that’s the Problem. It’s How You Use It.

Operationalizing the Guest Experience for Hospitality

by David Trice on September 23, 2015

great customer experience cx techImagine this dream scenario when planning your next vacation or business trip. You jump online to check out the availability with your favorite hotel company at your targeted destination. While you are checking out the property, the company website recognizes you and your preferred customer status, remembers you like a corner non-smoking room, and extends you an offer of an additional 10% off because of your long-standing loyalty. Before booking the room, you want to check a few details about the property, so you make a call to the company’s customer service department.

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David TriceOperationalizing the Guest Experience for Hospitality

Boost Revenue through Customer Relationship Building

by David Trice on September 8, 2015

eCX_Vignette-NoCloud-FinancialSVCCompanies continue to dump truckloads of dollars into marketing efforts to try and attract more and more customers. On the surface, the goal appears to be worthwhile. Every company wants to increase revenue and boost the bottom line. But, tactically, this approach may not deliver the most bang for the buck.

Companies can achieve a higher rate of return by focusing on customer relationship building to keep good customers than by trying to lure new ones.

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David TriceBoost Revenue through Customer Relationship Building

The Year of B2C CRM: How to Choose Your Next Technology

by David Trice on July 23, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.32.24 AMToday’s customer is “always on”, they are both empowered and fluid with their touchpoints creating a tremendous new pressure for your business.  These growing challenges in customer engagement continue to illuminate the need for a better way to manage customer relationships.  Perhaps the quickest decision for changes to the technology stack, a new CRM always seems to be top on the list and the process may sound a bit like this:

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David TriceThe Year of B2C CRM: How to Choose Your Next Technology