ENGAGEcx Announces JourneyScaping™

by ENGAGEcx on August 29, 2014

Now companies can digitize customer journeys, execute CX strategies and measure CX performance across all touch points in a single platform.



ATLANTA – September 2, 2014 – ENGAGEcx, the world’s first and only Customer Engagement Execution platform today unveiled JourneyScaping™ with ENGAGEcx.  ENGAGEcx is a SaaS solution that delivers omni-channel customer engagement to eliminate customer experience failures caused by application, departmental and functional siloes that hinder today’s organizations.

With JourneyScaping, companies can consolidate all customer touch points, spanning digital and physical, into a single measurable journey and present a consistent, personalized experience to consumers regardless of where, how or with whom they engage.

“ENGAGEcx is a remarkable platform,” said Carlos Pimenta, President of Macquarium.  “Following a recent demonstration, a senior executive of a large financial services firm commented, “I’ve been actively involved in customer experience management for over 2 1/2 years and have never seen a solution like ENGAGEcx.  It’s not just in the white space between CRM, marketing automation and journey mapping solutions – it’s in the bleached white space.”

The emergence of the on-demand, digital-physical-mobile customer has permanently altered how brands engage with their customers.  Brands are under intense pressure to satisfy customer expectations for a consistent and personalized experience.  Specifically:

  • Customer needs and preferences are very different across micro-segments.  “One size fits all” does not satisfy the expectations of customers in today’s world.
  • The “Do it Now” customer expects needs to be addressed with precision and expertise on every interaction.  The reward for performance is customer loyalty and advocacy.  The penalty for non-performance is more than just a lost customer – social media provides a platform for any unhappy consumer to broadcast their bad experience globally.
  • Functionally oriented systems, processes and employees are designed to support the performance of a department, but were not designed to deliver a seamless customer experience – often resulting in customer disappointment, abandonment and erosion of brand equity.

“JourneyScaping enables companies to digitize the walls of post-it notes used to capture customer journeys into an enterprise platform that institutionalizes the process,” said David Trice, CEO.  “For the first time, companies can take their customer experience strategy and, with ENGAGEcx, digitize their customer journeys, execute personalized CX strategies and monitor performance in one integrated platform.”

JourneyScaping with ENGAGEcx enables:

  • Customer Engagement through open, easy to use channels and APIs that enable truly authentic, Digital & Human-to-Human (H2H) interactions
  • Programmatic micro-segment engagement strategies to drive bottom line performance
  • Automatic mapping of real-time customer events to engagement life-cycles with the capture of sentiment on every event
  • Employee CX Empowerment via an “in the moment” customer dossier and event timeline
  • Enterprise delivery of customer journey information to cross-functional teams through Apps, Widgets and soon Wearable devices
  • Performance Measurement through a Customer Value Index and CX Analytics
  • Easy Big Data, Multi-dimensional Analysis via revolutionary data orchestration

Pimenta added “we are excited about our ENGAGEcx partnership. Their platform allows us to track the holistic customer journeys, and it can be used in unique, contextual and personalized ways to enrich the customer experience.”

ENGAGEcx provides its solution to companies in the Hospitality, Gaming, Finance, Retail, Professional Sports and Healthcare industries.  You can learn more at www.engage.cx or visit us at our next event at G2E (Global Gaming Expo) September 30, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.  Booth 1532.

ENGAGEcx™ is the world’s only Customer Engagement Execution platform.  ENGAGEcx is designed from the ground up to deliver fully integrated, uniquely personalized customer journeys; empower employees to play a critical role in the customer experience; and analyze CX program performance in a single, easy to use application. With nearly 10 years of research and development incorporated into the platform, ENGAGEcx enables organizations of any size to integrate and consolidate customer interaction information across all channels in order to deliver real-time, personalized touch points at every step of the customer journey.

You can download our JourneyScaping with ENGAGEcx whitepaper here.


ENGAGEcxENGAGEcx Announces JourneyScaping™