Who’s in your Store?

by ENGAGEcx on February 16, 2018

We are excited to be chosen by Cisco to participate in their Cisco Simple campaign and webinar series.  The goal of Cisco Simple is highlight how Cisco simplifies networking, collaboration, security and computing with their integrated new line of cloud solutions.

ENGAGEcx has been chosen as the first partner in this campaign to focus on a key problem for businesses with physical venues, understanding in-venue customer behavior.

Watch the playback here –> CiscoSimple: Who’s in your Store?


Digitize Your Destination
ENGAGEcx: On-Site Experience Management
March 14, 2018 1:30pm EST

Do your best customers come and go unknowingly?
Do you promote & hold events—in c-store, hospitality, casino, retail, restaurant, QSR, sports or entertainment—but are unsure who attends?

Maximize the competitive advantage of your venue with on-site experience management. ENGAGEcx is a customer-aware IoT middleware platform that transforms, orchestrates and analyzes data from physical and digital sources in real-time to provide profound new insights into consumer activity, enhancing engagement, revenue and brand loyalty.

This webinar on ENGAGEcx will be divided into three parts…

PART ONE: 10-15 minutes: Overview: What is ENGAGEcx and how can it help your business
PART TWO: 15-20 minutes: Q&A: Our panel of experts answer your questions
PART THREE: 20-25 minutes: Demo: See ENGAGEcx in action

ENGAGEcxWho’s in your Store?