ENGAGEcx Features & Industries


Occasion & Interest Analytics

Unparalleled insight into on-site behavior

Unique Visits

Micro Location & Geofences

Site/Zone Visit Behavior

Occasions & Areas of Interest


Closed-loop Customer Engagement

Connect your venues to complete the Customer Journey

Cross-channel Journey Stitching

Real-time Engagement

Occasion Marketing

Localized Personalization


Team Communication & Empowerment

Empower employees & teams with tools to deliver superior service

Alerts & Notifications

On-site People Finder

Intelligent Agent

ENGAGEcx Industries

  • Restaurants

    Family style and Quick Serve Restaurants

  • Hospitality

    Hotel, Casino, Resorts and Cruise Ships

  • Sports & Enterntainment

    Stadiums, Arenas, Concert Halls and Theatres

  • Retail

    Convenience Store, Travel Center, Large format and Big Box Retail

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