Recognizing the Invisible Customer

by ENGAGEcx on July 18, 2018

Modern enterprise marketing platforms from Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and others are great at engaging with web and app customers. But what about all the customers that are in your physical locations?  Your retail store, restaurant, hotel, bank, etc…

Marketing platforms have a giant blind spot – they totally miss the in-venue customers.  And because of that, brands struggle to drive full ROI from both their marketing efforts and physical venues.

CMOs want to know:

  • Who is in my store?
  • Why did they come in?
  • Are they a return customer or a new customer?
  • Are they in my loyalty program?
  • How can we engage with them on a personal basis?
  • What will bring them back again and again?

CMO’s now have a cure for the blind spot.  A solution that extends their marketing platform beyond the web site and the app – to include all of their physical venues.  A solution that delivers customer visibility, analytics and engagement and empowers the brand to upgrade the in-venue experience to deliver customer engagement that produces new revenue and long-term loyalty.

ENGAGEcxRecognizing the Invisible Customer