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Meet Max.

The virtual host that knows who is in your venue.

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Max is an intelligent virtual host who knows and understands your customers and empowers teams to deliver a superior customer experience. Max recognizes your customers and alerts you of their presence in your venue, while provding a unique Engagement Scorecard that keeps you up to date on customer activity and engagement.

Max’s capabilities include

  • Arrival Notfication

    Recognizes your customers and notifies you as they arrive.

  • Triggered Alerts

    Deliver triggered alerts based on micro-location, customer segment or loyalty membership level.

  • Locate People

    Use micro-location services to find customers in your venue  in real-time to deliver superior customer service.

  • Engagement Score

    Calculate an updated engagement score for each customer based on their level of engagement.

  • Customer Quick Reference Card

    Deliver a Customer Engagement Scorecard to your team upon request for quick reference.

  • Immediate Insights

    Provides real-time insight into customers activity and interests.

  • White Glove Service

    Enable White Glove treatment for VIP or loyal, frequent customers from coordinated teams.

  • Empowered Collaboration

    Max becomes a necessary Cisco Spark teammate by watching over customer activity and enabling superior service.

  • Add Value to WiFi

    Max will be up and running in as little as a day with leading WiFi location solutions from Cisco and Cisco Meraki.

  • Loyalty Integration

    Integrates with other systems, including your loyalty system, to further enrich the customer scorecard.

Max is available for leading Collaboration solutions

Want to Learn more about Max?

We’ll show you a demo of how Max:

  • Locates your customers when they’re on-site

  • Creates rooms for VIP white-glove collaboration

  • Calculates Engagement Scores for your customers

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