Ensuring the Security of Your Customer Data

by David Trice on June 16, 2015

Customer data security cx techWith so many points of entry, how does cx tech, the Relationship Cloud™, keep your customer data safe?

The Web, Wish Lists, eCommerce, Mobile Apps, Live Chat, 1-800 Numbers, Social Media, In-Store, Returns, and Surveys: The list goes on and on. Customers today engage with businesses in more ways today than ever before. And, the variety of touchpoints is only growing. Estimates of the number of ways customers can engage with a business during any given journey have grown from 19 just a few years ago to more than 50 by some analysts. Knowing how to keep all of these touchpoints secure is vital to any business.

With customer data breaches, and the ensuing horrible public relations nightmare that inevitably follows (Hello, Target!), becoming more and more prevalent, it’s clear that security is top of mind for everybody today. But, solving security in today’s environment is not something that can be addressed by simply retrofitting technology. While applying a security patch job to system weaknesses may provide a tactical short-term solution, it does not offer a lasting solution to keeping customers’ personal information safe. So, how does a business address the security of customer touchpoints strategically?

Systems must be re-engineered to address this growing problem. But, a complete “rip and replace” of existing systems isn’t required. Rather, a contemporary and more effective solution involves protecting the business and its customers, along with the business’ existing platforms. This is exactly how the ENGAGE.cx Relationship Cloud™ works. The customer experience technology complements existing technology with the five following requirements:

  1.  Leverage cloud technology to easily connect to existing infrastructures
  2.  Support full omni-channel engagement in one platform, including phone calls, the web, chat, video, etc.
  3.  Provide a single, secure gateway and access point for all customer interactions
  4.  Require each interaction to have a unique security key in order to enter the cloud
  5.  Execute items 1-4 in real time, right at the moment of customer engagement

By sitting on top of a company’s existing processes and platforms, this methodology provides a solution to the customer data security opportunities facing most companies. To begin a free demonstration of ENGAGE.cx, click here.

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David TriceEnsuring the Security of Your Customer Data