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The New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 3 of 3)

by David Trice on March 20, 2017

Part 3 – Operationalizing Stickiness…Loyalty’s Holy Grail

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We’ve learned in the earlier posts that if you’re continuing to invest in traditional loyalty programs, you’re spending money on outdated techniques and, worse yet, you may be losing more customers than you gain.   We’ve also learned that consumers are more prone than ever to shop around.  So, if the old way doesn’t work and new, elegant experiences only encourage shopping around, where do we go from here?

According to McKinsey, the key to success with today’s consumer is creating stickiness as they begin consideration, prior to each purchase.  Translated this suggests that being relevant and consistent in key moments early in product or service consideration is what matters most.

Reading between the lines, the McKinsey study suggests that because improved shopability and the barrage of competing offers, loyalty can only be guaranteed in the moment.  Therefore, seeing sticky customers with high purchase intent in real-time early in the process is critical to the loyalty marketer.  Measuring stickiness, however, requires a different point of view and a new approach.

Most brands are stifled by silo’d transactional data that’s both hard to use and incomplete as it doesn’t reflect the mobile and location aspects of today’s consumer journey.  Continuing with my experiences from the prior post, my engagement with the drive-thru of one of my favorite brands should be as relevant as using their new app.  Unfortunately for both brands this is not the case, as the brands have decided that I can only be known and treated as loyal if I change my mind and decide to use the app.

In this situation, the brand has decided that the way they will know me is through their app.  Unfortunately for the brand, the app isn’t a priority for me and as a result my usage, and what they know about me, drops off.  In the end, the brand has to find different ways to connect with me…and the many others just like me.  In the end, brands are missing this enormous opportunity to see and connect with customers across an ecosystem of engagement that sees everyone.  I, in fact, have connected via the brands ecosystem on numerous occasions; I have used their kiosk, redeemed mobile coupons, I have used their WiFi and sometimes even the app.  To connect this ecosystem, brands must embrace a new holistic digital-to-physical customer data approach that connects all channels and is enriched with both on & off site location.  Then, enhancing this contemporary view of today’s consumer with a real-time engagement score is the key to operationalizing stickiness.

The connected ecosystem with real-time scoring enables brands to quantify and measure the effectiveness of key moments in the consideration to purchase journey and focus on customers whose frequency and intent is strongest.  One example would be, favoriting a particular shoe on a web site and then visiting the store on several subsequent days would yield a high engagement score that the brand can instantly leverage when she later browses on her phone.  Following this pattern, the more frequent the engagement, regardless of channel, the higher the score.  When the engagement stops, the score would naturally decay suggesting the customer interest has subsided.

Seeing and acting in a connected ecosystem with a real-time engagement score yields a view into customer stickiness that is the key to driving revenue and massive ROI…which is the marketers Holy Grail.

With shopability being at an all time high and new approaches, like location, changing the traditional thinking about loyalty, it’s time for companies to rethink their approach to defining and maximizing the value of their customers. Without a course correction, investments in loyalty are likely to be wasted in the years ahead—diluting margins, draining profitability, driving less-than-expected growth, and decreasing customer value along the way.

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For more on How Engagement Score can drive 800% ROI please visit us at www.engage.cx.


(Contributions from Peter Roesler @webmarketing007, Robert Wollen @RobertWollan of Accenture, Patricia Odell, Chief Marketer @chief_marketer and @McKinsey)

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David TriceThe New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 3 of 3)

The New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 2 of 3)

by David Trice on March 9, 2017

Part 2 – Creating Loyalty with Customer Experience and Location

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Cross-channel Customer Experiences and Product Shopability

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In 2016, major brands like Walmart, REI, Belk and Target announced that omni-channel customers – or those that shopped across multiple channels – spent on average 2-4 times more than the average customer.  Reports such as these indicate that brands are making strides by investing in Customer Experience initiatives that provide a more elegant and personalized way to purchase their goods.

However, brands are beginning to realize that creating an improved purchase experience rarely guarantees loyalty…and may just increase shopability.  McKinsey points out how elusive loyalty is today reporting that a full 89% of people shopped around with 69% of the people switching loyalties to another brand. Capturing enough mindshare to ‘stick’ early in a purchase process seems to be the key.  Leading brands are learning that consistently knowing a customer’s history, intent and desires and applying that knowledge across all channels early in the purchase process is critical to maintaining stickiness and ultimately growth over time.

Robert Wollan from Accenture Strategy added “Every consumer has a natural instinct around what makes them ‘stick’ to a brand.”  For most brands, this is the new holy grail…identifying what it takes to deliver brand stickiness and consistently delivering that experience across all channels, all the time.

Loyalty and the influence of Location

To add to Loyalty’s stickiness challenge, mobile devices have inserted a new dimension to the equation…enter the customer’s Location.

Consumers are getting more and more comfortable using location to enhance the value proposition of the products and services they consume.  And it makes sense; I know that the travel circles around where I live and where I work is pretty tight and those stores or brands in my circles, definitely benefit.  If you recall my example from the prior post, I have found stickiness to the two brands because of the convenience of location and the product offering.  Further, I engage with each in several ways across numerous stores, including: the drive thru, dining in-store, take out and on rare occasion, purchasing through their app.  Yet, in the end, neither brand really knows me for the loyal customer I am.

There are a few emerging examples where brands have successfully used location to drive customer behavior.  For six years running Dunkin Donuts has reigned atop loyalty offerings with a program that sends offers to nearby customers to drive loyalty and immediate gratification.  Their program works beautifully for loyal coffee drinkers in need of their morning fix.  But what about other location examples, like:

  • sending an offer to a soccer mom as you have determined she spends 2 hours at a nearby field every Tuesday, or
  • the woman who makes several repeat visits shoe department of a store one evening following several nights of browsing the website for a particular brand of shoes, or
  • the frequent traveler, sitting at a bar in his favorite hotel after a work out in the fitness room and using the brands app to search for his next place to stay, leaves the hotel to have dinner elsewhere.

Yes, these examples all require location – whether you are seeing visit patterns on-site in a physical venue or travel patterns off-site, yet nearby.  With the right location information, each of these customer journeys creates an opportunity for a brand to influence the customer to drive action and perhaps create stickiness.  Without a doubt, location of all types has emerged as a new cornerstone to brand loyalty.

So, if the old way doesn’t work and new experiences encourage shopping around, where do we go from here? Next weeks conclusion, Part 3 in the series, explores how to building stickiness into your digital brand.

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David TriceThe New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 2 of 3)

The New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 1 of 3)

by David Trice on March 2, 2017

Part 1 – Traditional Loyalty is at a Cross-roads

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As consumers, we don’t have to look much farther than our own smart phone to realize that even the newest loyalty programs don’t really work.  However, its not for a lack of trying.  A recent study by Accenture suggests that 90% of brands employ some kind of loyalty program.   It’s likely that most of us have used a mobile app that is intended to be the “remote control for the relationship”. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of customers, after the newness of the app wears off so does the effectiveness of the program.

The Accenture report offers that the lack of adoption is only the beginning suggesting that 25% of consumers say the repeated attempts at engendering loyalty are hurting the relationship.  Even more unnerving to the brand, Millenials are more likely to have a negative reaction to a company’s attempt to earn their loyalty.

Using myself as the example, I have 3 loyalty apps on my phone.  One I use when I travel.  The other two I haven’t used in months.  This pattern seems to reflect the state of the industry according to Accenture.  However, there is an important point that seems to be overlooked – my lack of app usage does not reflect my loyalty to those two brands.  I frequent each of them, sometimes more than once weekly.  I just haven’t found the mode where their app, the stars earned and incessant emails are relevant as a part of my daily life.  In the end, their view of me is purely an analytical one that results in an incorrect, or incomplete, view of a really loyal customer.

This ineffectiveness leaves a brand a bit lost when it comes the best way to building true relationships with today’s customer.  On one hand, the brand doesn’t know how to connect with their most loyal customers…and apps aren’t helping.  On the other hand, the never ending barrage of promotional offers pushes us away.

For Brands, the crossroads is real, yet all hope is not lost.  In part two of this post, we’ll explore the areas of location and frictionless customer experiences as they hold hope for loyalty marketers.

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David TriceThe New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 1 of 3)

Engage Every Guest like a VIP

by ENGAGEcx on October 13, 2016

Did you ever wonder what it felt like to always be treated like a VIP?hostess-w-flowers

Imagine you’re a VIP in a scenario you have encountered on your last vacation or business trip. It starts with you jumping online to check out the availability with your favorite hotel company at your targeted destination. While you are checking out the property, the company website recognizes you and your preferred customer status, remembers you like a corner non-smoking room, and extends you an offer of an additional 10% off because of your long-standing loyalty. Before booking the room, you want to check a few details about the property, so you make a call to the company’s customer service department. The associate on the phone greets you by name, and she knows about your room preferences and the 10% offer you’ve already been extended. She answers your questions about the property, puts the booking through for you with the discount applied. Fast forward to the day of your arrival: When you walk into the property to check-in, the property’s digital ecosystem sees you and alerts the front desk to your arrival. The staff greets you by name, assures you your corner room is ready, and offers to make you VIP reservations at the hotel restaurant, complete with two complimentary drink vouchers. When you arrive to your room, there is a handwritten card from management, welcoming you.  Finally, after unwinding in the lounge you receive an offer for dinner that evening at the Hotels best restaurant.

Sound too good to be true? Not in the least. This version of great customer experience within the guest journey can be achieved today – and with the right customer engagement solution, it can be achieved without spending a ton of money. The solution is to create an empowered ecosystem, tailored for the hospitality industry, that governs the entire customer experience — from booking, to arrival, to time spent at your destination (both on the property and off), to departure. This completely immersive guest experience can be realized through the implementation of a consumer focused, purpose built Connected Customer Engagement solution, one that powers the entire ecosystem from booking websites, to travel communities and the hotels, restaurants and activities that fall in-between all working together to create an immersive experience for you the customer.

Engagement Score Defines VIPs

Every guest’s journey is made up of each touch point a guest has with a brand or property.  A Connected Customer Engagement platform uniquely identifies each customer at every touch point and attributes each interaction – both digital and human – in real time and scores them by to the frequency and importance. The ENGAGEcx Engagement Score extends current loyalty solutions by providing insights into how your best customers engage.  So, the higher the score, the more engaged the customer. By recognizing and scoring behavior at each touchpoint, a company can begin to put together a more detailed profile of each guest.

Engagement Score as a Performance Index

The Engagement Score also provides the baseline to measure the impact of guest experience on performance across key digital and physical dimensions and it unites the company or property around one common objective: maximizing guest experience. The Engagement Score provides the ability to understand and recognize how guest experience investments are truly impacting financial performance. The beauty of a guest value index is that it focuses hospitality companies on enhancing guest experience, rather than the sales cycle.

A Connected Customer Engagement solution like ENGAGE.cx can make the implementation of the holistic Engagement Score an affordable reality. ENGAGE.cx cleanly sits atop your existing infrastructure doesn’t disrupt any existing business systems or processes, in order to provide companies with one cohesive view of their guest behavior. ENGAGE.cx finally delivers on the full promise that CX has been striving for in the hospitality industry. To see how ENGAGE.cx can help facilitate creating stronger relationships with your guests, contact Engage.cx today.


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ENGAGEcxEngage Every Guest like a VIP

Retail Podcast: Hear David Trice on The Incubator!

by ENGAGEcx on February 4, 2016

David Trice and IntrepidNow discuss connecting Digital and Physical

We would like to thank Todd Schnick and Ashley Staggs of IntrepidNOW and the Incubator for having us on their show.  Here is an excerpt from their post…

ENGAGE.cx is the only technology putting the customer clearly at the center of the business process for consumer-facing brands by connecting both online and offline interactions.

Our world is filled with data. From traditional Nielsen ratings to tracking our behaviors across the web, we are far less than anonymous in today’s digital world. Why then does shopping in a store make us feel like Julia Roberts in the infamous Pretty Woman scene? Engage.cx, is the Atlanta-based software startup that is changing the very relevant (it still accounts for more than 90% of total retail sales) brick-and-mortar retail experience by providing location based data in the moment that is tied to your online behaviors.

Here is a discussion guide for the podcast:

1. “How do you bridge digital and physical?”

2. “A customer-aware, central nervous system…”

3. With ENGAGE.cx, the retail operation can see, when you walk into a retail store, that you just recently went online to the website, or made a phone call to learn more…

4. While more and more people are buying online, still a large majority of people buy from a physical retail outlet…

5. How is ENGAGE.cx empowering both the physical retail teams and the Digital Marketing teams?

6. How do you appropriately attribute credit for the sale? No matter how it started…

7. How can you use digital to create a better in-store experience, and increase in-store purchasing?

8. Why it matters to encourage use of in-store WIFI?

9. How can retailers get better at “omnichannel” — its the buzz word, does it really matter?

10. It’s more than being mobile-optimized. You do have to be meaningful EVERYWHERE, at any time…

11. Identification is the first step… “The INDEX in the sky…”

12. How all of this actually works…

13. How can we leverage a B2C CRM?

14. Really determining “Lifetime customer value?”

15. How do you actually manage all of this customer data for your client?

16. “In-store micro-personalization…” Impacts of beacon-technology… “Micro-geo-fencing…”

ENGAGE.cx is a leading omni-channel, cloud-based attribution and experience platform that helps businesses engage with customers as they move across the growing array of digital platforms and devices. By delivering attribution and and conversion visibility, enabling truly personalized customer experiences, and empowering employees to serve each customer as an individual, ENGAGE.cx is a true partner in driving higher revenue and customer loyalty. Sign up for a free demonstration to see how ENGAGE.cx can revolutionize your business!


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ENGAGEcxRetail Podcast: Hear David Trice on The Incubator!

Problem Solved: A CMO’s Dream

by David Trice on January 26, 2016

ecx retail tech

What Event Did 50 Leading Retailers Attend While At NRF?

It’s enough to make a CMO want to bang his or her head against a wall – a CRM platform that does nothing to help the business know its customers and build great relationships with them. For all the hype surrounding many “cutting edge” CRMs, they don’t solve the problem widely experienced today of connecting a business’ brick-and-mortar experience with its digital experience.

But, good news was unveiled to 50 of America’s top retailers earlier this month in New York, during the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. This select group of retailers, including executives from Bloomingdale’s, Hermes, Nordstrom, and Coach, witnessed the first-ever technology that solves the CRM customer attribution problem. At an exclusive event at the Alton Lane showroom in Manhattan, ENGAGE.cx’s partnership with Cisco Meraki was unveiled. The partnership has resulted in revolutionary technology that gives businesses the power to truly bridge customer experiences across mobile, ecommerce, and in physical stores. The key is ENGAGE.cx’s power to recognize and identify each and every customer, no matter how he or she engages with a business.

This turn-key solution uses in-store WiFi to create a hyper-personal experience for the customer. As a customer shops, ENGAGE.cx fully attributes the visit with location and context captured from geo-fenced areas in the store — and marries that information with information gathered from his or her prior digital journeys with the brand. Even customers with abandoned digital shopping carts are greeted with a personalized experience that lets them re-engage when they walk into a store!

“I am finding ENGAGE.cx’s product to be very different from what’s out there, and I am really liking it,” said Christine Russo, Global Vice President of Store Development at Alice and Olivia, who attended the event at Alton Lane.

“Attribution is definitely one of the top five problems facing retailers today,” said Steve Dumas, Retail Segment Solutions Director at IBM.

The ability to recognize customers across all channels is becoming increasingly more crucial, for as Deloitte reports, consumers who use their digital devices while they shop in-store convert at a rate 20% higher than those who do not. Digital interactions influenced 64% of brick-and-mortar sales in 2015, totaling more than $2.2 trillion.

ENGAGE.cx is a leading omni-channel, cloud-based attribution and experience platform that helps businesses engage with customers as they move across the growing array of digital platforms and devices. By delivering attribution and and conversion visibility, enabling truly personalized customer experiences, and empowering employees to serve each customer as an individual, ENGAGE.cx is a true partner in driving higher revenue and customer loyalty. Sign up for a free demonstration to see how ENGAGE.cx can revolutionize your business!


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David TriceProblem Solved: A CMO’s Dream

2016: The Year of Technology-Enhanced CX

by David Trice on January 15, 2016


Advancements in CX Technology Expected in 2016

Employees are clamoring for it – the ability to leverage CX technology to better serve customers. By all appearances, employees, the people actually on the front lines with customers, fully grasp that mobile CX technology can be a game-changer when it comes to offering fully personalized customer experiences. Consider this from a recent article in CustomerThink: “If employees have easy mobile access to more relevant, personalized, and intelligent information in the moment, the customer engagement transforms along with it.” We couldn’t agree more. This may be a case of where the personnel in the trenches are ahead of company executives making decisions – and it may fall to them to lead their organizations to the realization that harnessing technology can dramatically enhance customer experience. If associates can accomplish this goal, 2016 will shape up to be a very good year for retailers.

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David Trice2016: The Year of Technology-Enhanced CX

RSVP for our NRF VIP Event January 17

by David Trice on January 8, 2016

You, craft cocktails, and omnichannel innovation

I’m  thrilled at the response to the next week’s event. Sunday evening after the National Retail Federation (NRF 2016) opens, we’re hosting an exclusive group of VIPs in the Manhattan private showroom of Alton Lane to get a first look at the technology transforming the customer experience.

NRF16 Offsite at Alton Lane Showroom

Top retail Innovators are joining from across the country for Digital to Physical: A Tailored Customer Experience.

Like who? Alice + Olivia, Alex + Ani, Arhaus, Ascena, Bloomingdale’s, Coach, Forever 21, John Hardy, Nordstrom, Tourneau, VF, Warby . . . I could go on and on. Every time I look at our growing list of dozens of VIPs coming in from NRF 2016, I am excited about the group of leaders transforming this industry. I’m grateful to the vision of our partners Cisco Meraki, Sparks Grove and IBM Silverpop for supporting us.

Are you an omnichannel retail innovator attending NRF?

If you’re not satisfied with your omni-channel performance (or your plans Sunday evening), join us. Grab one of the last remaining VIP tickets. Come network with your peers in the exclusive Manhattan showroom of retail innovator Alton Lane. You’ve heard of how they’ve become a fast-growth sensation in bespoke men’s clothing—experience the 3D-fitting room for yourself.

Apotheke CocktailFarm-to-Bar Craft Cocktails, Manhattan-style

You’ll also enjoy the farm-to-bar craft cocktail magic of Apotheke. They are mixing five signature drinks for our evening together.

You’re invited:
January 17, National Retail Federation 2016 Opening Day

The centerpiece of the event is, of course, the customer experience and how to translate that for your brand. We’ll dive deep into that with an immersive experience that takes in the entire showroom and your presence. YOU are the centerpiece of the show just by showing up. This link will get you a free VIP ticket for brick and mortar retailers (while supplies last). All attendees also get a surprise gift. (Let me just give you one hint. It’s cool.)

See you in New York?

RSVP here.
–David Trice and the team at ENGAGE.cx

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David TriceRSVP for our NRF VIP Event January 17

Join ENGAGE.cx at NRF 2016: Exclusive Customer Experience Event on January 17th

by David Trice on January 5, 2016


As we gear up for another exciting year, I’m excited to announce that ENGAGEcx, along with sponsors Cisco Meraki, IBM Silverpop and Sparks Grove, is inviting retail innovators to an exclusive event during the National Retail Federation’s Big Show (NRF 2016). From crafted cocktails to well-purposed technology, this off-site executive retail event Sunday, January 17th, from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm promises excitement, education and executive networking with the NRF Big Show as the backdrop.

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David TriceJoin ENGAGE.cx at NRF 2016: Exclusive Customer Experience Event on January 17th

The Moments that Matter to Improved Customer Experience

by David Trice on December 7, 2015

Improved Customer ExperienceMost businesses are in desperate search of the moments that drive engagement and advocacy in a customer’s path to purchase.  Unfortunately, organizational silos often make it difficult to see customers or their influencing moments that could lead to improved customer experience– as the data across channels is almost always inaccessible and organized differently.

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David TriceThe Moments that Matter to Improved Customer Experience