About Us

We wanted to solve a really BIG problem.  So we did.

Many years ago we noticed a widening gap between customers’ needs and companies’ abilities to meet them.  Customer buying processes were evolving, but the selling process wasn’t and this was causing a lot of pain for large and small companies alike.

After years entrenched in the development and sales of CRM enhancement platforms, Eric Bleke and David Trice decided to address the problem everyone else seemed to be ignoring:  how to proactively and uniquely connect customers with the right experience at the exact moment in the customer lifecycle.

The result is ENGAGE.cx

ENGAGEcx is a cloud-based, customer-aware IoT platform that sits at the edge of an organization and observes and engages the customer as they move across the growing array of digital platforms, devices and sensors.  ENGAGEcx integrates emerging technologies – such as WiFi, beacons, LiFi, etc. – with existing internal systems to create the backbone for bridging the digital and physical identity and activity of customers.  Initially deployed in B2C environments (retail, hospitality and financial services) ENGAGEcx collects, enhances and transforms data for real-time customer profiles, customer journey attribution, lifecycle analysis, improving customer experiences and alerting associates to customer activity.

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The Team


David Trice

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Soon after beginning his career in technology, David saw how software could solve a complicated problem for business.  Within a few years he co-founded Revenue Technologies to deliver price optimization software to industry leaders such as Motorola and UPS, which was acquired by Oracle in 2007.

At Oracle, David’s vision and product management skills were recognized as he was tapped to lead the launch of Oracle’s next generation Fusion CRM.  With a deep understanding about the capabilities and limitations of existing CRM platforms, David recognized a void in the ability for companies to deliver consistent, productive and personalized customer engagements across all channels of interaction spanning digital and physical – a void that could not be addressed by existing technologies.

David teamed-up with Eric Bleke, and together they formed CX Technologies and soon after started building the ENGAGE.cx platform.

David holds a BS from Georgia Institute of Technology.


Eric Bleke

Co-Founder, President and COO

Eric has spent almost his entire career in early stage technology. Early on, Eric joined Enterprise Computer Systems where he helped computerize the retail building supply industry. He later continued through a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures. On the cusp of the arrival of the Internet, Eric co-founded Technologic, a pioneering Internet security firm that developed one of the first and most successful firewall appliances used by major corporations worldwide.

After Technologic was acquired, it wasn’t long before he co-founded Catalysta Partners, a venture catalyst firm focused on providing leadership and strategy for early stage technology companies. In 2011, Eric joined StarPound Technologies as President / COO specifically to look for emerging market needs that could be addressed by the company’s cutting-edge multimedia development platform.

Eric holds BS and MBA degrees from the University of Georgia.

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